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I have been using the T3 indicators since May 05 and can now honestly say I couldn’t trade without them.  They are the absolute key to all my trading decisions and allow me to be profitable everyday.  It really is the best software out there. Thanks Nexgen!

Ben. W.

I purchased T- 3 Fibs Pro Trader in August 2005 and started trading live within a day or two and have been trading on daily basis since that time.  Currently, I day trade crude oil, gold and sugar and have reached what I consider very successful as I am at a level of income trading, that would actually allow me to leave my current position as a VP of a large company.  The only reason I am not trading the indexes or currencies is because of my full time job.  I am proof that the T-3 Fibs Pro Trader software will meet any expectations to whatever market, you want to trade.    

Mac M.

I've owned the T-3 software for 8 months and am now trading futures contracts profitably.  I have a job so I can't trade a lot during the week.   But I'm close to retirement and invested in your software to supplement my retirement income.  Supplement?  Holy mackerel. How about triple it?  My goal is 2 1/2 points a day on 5 contracts, 4 days per week.  Not doing that just yet as I'm still trading only 1 contract.  But I'm headed in that direction.  I'm attending your seminar in September and look forward to meeting you then.

Tom K

I'm coming up on my 2 yr anniversary as an owner of Nexgen software. I use the software to successfully trade not only the Russell but also other markets including Feeder Cattle and Natural Gas. I also use the software to manage my stock portfolio. The quality of the software, training and continued support is unsurpassed.
Mike D.

My Trading Skills have been greatly enhanced due to this software…
Nexgen was supportive through the learning process and trading is now shooting fish in a barrel using this software.

I did buy the T3 package after attending the free 2 weeks intro training. I then spent a great deal of time attending the daily classes and all the advanced training. It took some time, about 3 months of very long daily classes and a few 1 on 1 tutorials and about 4 hours a day of live market training using a simulated money account, and nightly review of all my trades and lots of months of chart marking, advancing the chart one tick at a time. I have traded stocks, and position trades for some time, but intra-day trading was new for me.

The result of this almost 8 month journey is that I am averaging about 52% wins, about 5 points a trading day, and give back less than 1.  I learned how to trade less, take small losses, and hold onto big winners.  In terms of money, I make about $500 a day average, with some huge winning days... and I am just getting started!  I don’t trade all day because most days I am done in about 3 hours.  I trade as little as possible.  I use the T3's to trade forex pairs, the ES, ER2, EC, and YM.   I swing trade and intraday. 

I highly recommend you check into this program. It is an amazing set of related indicators that when applied with the strict trading rule setups actually does what it claims to do.  You will have to put in the hours, and you will sweat the frustration of learning to understand the relationship between the setup rules, the indicator signals, your trading plan, and your trading style.  You must be patient, and you must develop the discipline to take only the high probability signals, and trade less.  These are the biggest hurdles a newbie trader is going to face.
With the T3, you do get an excellent edge in that the setup rules are clearly defined, the indicators are already designed to work together, and you do not have to analyze and conclude in your head whether the setup is good or not.  With the T3 training, you will develop a visual memory, which when added to the clear setup rules checklist, will reveal a high probability trade setup or not.  No guesswork, no emotions or opinions, no hope or desire... just clear high probability trade identification.  

However, it has been extremely rewarding for me in just these past few months, and I am very excited about the future.  

That has been my experience. Yours will be different. There is no holy grail, but damned if the T3’s don’t come close.  
Ed E.

I have been trading live now for three months, not every day as I still have my regular job. On average I pull about 4-5 points a day, trading about 4 hours a day. 2 hours at the open and 2 hours at the close. T-3 is a great supplement to my day job. Say hello to the Nexgen family. Thanks so much for getting me off the ground and into the market, I still learn every day and feel I get better at trading every day.

Mark C.

I purchased the s/w over a year ago and attended one of the seminars last summer. While it took me some time to get confident with the fib lines and setups, the product has become a key part of my trading and helped me to becoming consistently profitable. No losing weeks in over 5 months and 4 losing days in the last 2 months. My focus the last 6 months has been to improve my ratio of avg. win to avg. loss, which up until recently was not great - less than 1.5 on average with some days higher and some lower. Not holding winners long enough has been the culprit and I am now becoming much more patient with the average now up above 2.5 over the last month with much less variation.

Sam C

I have owned your T3 Fibs software and traded successfully for twelve months.  I find that the program, particularly in the easy to read chart form delivers tradable setups with clear targets. I have appreciated your tutorials and support efforts and look forward to continuing the journey with Nexgen.

Alan I.

I have been successfully using T-3 software for almost 2 years with real money the entire time and I would not ever use anything else to trade with...


Just a short note to thank you for your continuing efforts to improve an already great trading system.  Over the years I have tried several trading systems, both manual and automatic, and have found Nexgen to be far superior.  Your recent two days teaching the class room were especially helpful to me.  I have had the software about two years and am now profitable on a regular basis.  I attended your first seminar and found it very beneficial, and am considering another in the future since the teaching methods are continually improving.

Keep up the good work!

Richard I.

I was really surprised by way they want to help clients understand and use the software to its fullest.  These people really want you to understand what to do and they will even set up private sessions which are one on one interaction between you and an educator.

The nexgen staff will go over your charts bar by bar to make sure you know exactly what you are doing and if you are doing something wrong they will help you correct the problem.

I have dealt with other programs over the years, but Nexgen is the only company that will spend the extra time with you to make sure that you meet and exceed you financial goals each day.

During my learning process, I made as much as 2 to 3 points a day.  Then sometimes I would just make more than that. 

The Light Bulb finally went off in August 2007,during that week I made 110.2 points in a 4 day time span.

Now the Russell 2000 contracts are for each point it goes up or down equals $100.

I made $11,020 per contact trading the second week in August 2007.  I traded 5 contracts that add up to $55,100.  I do not have to work the rest of the year. 

Please give these people a chance; they can help you change your life forever.  Live the way you want to and not have to worry about bills. 

They are not paying me a penny to give this testimonial.  I just believe in what they do and hope other people give them a chance to change your life

Thanks Nexgen Staff,



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