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Welcome to the T3 Fibs ProTrader Fibonacci trading software. Nexgen is going to provide to you a simple path on how to recognize high reward low risk setups. This includes, trading setups , trade management and practice routines. Please study the videos below for tradng rules you can put to work immediately.

Our Trading Educational room  will run from - 12:00 Noon ET till completion  Monday through Friday. Traders are expected to trade during the morning hours ( simulation while learning ) and prepare for review and questions at noon.

In the live class at noon, John Novak, the Developer of the software, will review trading setups from the morning trading session , critique all posts of simulated or live trading from each demo / owner and have a live question and answer session that will last until all questions are answered.

We will help you to fine tune yourself into a consistent money making machine using the T-3 Fibs ProTrader software and help you recognize the distinct advantages our Fibonacci areas present on a daily basis to our users. 

This room is live , interactive and extremely valuable to your education. Free time included with purchase. 

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Single Source Support- Benefit from premier single source support for all brokerage and platform support requests. The NinjaTrader team of experienced professionals ensures all requests are addressed in a timely fashion by the expert best prepared to support you.
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Institutional Quality Data from CQG -Register for your free NinjaTrader live demo account powered by Continuum’s institutional quality speed and performance.  Continuum from CQG delivers low-latency trade execution and market data engineered for speed and reliability.

Exclusive Technology Enhancements- Receive new technology enhancements exclusive to NinjaTrader Brokerage clients as they are introduced including NinjaTrader mobile, server side ATM strategies, server side simulation, web tools and more.

CME GROUP introduction to futures link  -  Basics of Futures Trading from exchange website


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